Now that Memorial Day has passed and we have officially kicked off the summer season, people often ask me about searching for a job during the summer.  They figure that there isn’t much hiring that goes on during this season. While it is true that summer is the time that many people take vacations, I can assure you that Human Resource Departments are still functioning and if a company has a need, hiring will still be going on.  However, many people in job search take all or part of the summer off. Savvy jobseekers still keep up their job search, as the pool of candidates is often smaller so the competition is reduced.

Summer offers the opportunity to network more and in many different situations. There are company picnics, association outings, and barbeques with family and friends. Each event lends itself to meeting people and learning about the work they do and the companies they work for. It is easier to get around and attend conferences, workshops and other events that can help you during the job search process. Also, when you go to the beach, you can bring along some related reading materials about things that can help move your job search forward. In addition, you can refresh yourself on things related to the subject matter of the work that you do. 

If you are a Veteran and are still deployed but know that you are transitioning out after the summer, then this is the time to get your resume in shape, research companies and networks to join so that you can hit the ground running when you return home.

All in all, summer is still a time to stay in job search mode. So keep on persevering and who knows, perhaps summer will be the time for you to transition to your next position!

Have an enjoyable and productive summer!



Andrea Goldman, Esq. is the Senior Director of Human Resources at ICD and the Director of the Veterans For Employment Program.

AuthorBrigid Maher