Here we are celebrating another 4th of July in 2015.  Amid the cookouts, baseball games and fireworks, let us not forget the people who serve to keep us safe. We are able to enjoy all of these traditions and celebrations because our military makes sure that we can.

Marking the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th is inherently connected to our military community.  Were it not for the brave soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War, we would not be the nation that we are today. The protections afforded our country so that we have been able to evolve as a nation stem from the constant vigilance and preparation of our military men & women.

So as we all enjoy the hotdogs, games and fireworks, let us pause to honor our military, and how they guard us at home and abroad so that we can enjoy 4th of July celebrations now and into the future.

Enjoy the day! 

Andrea Goldman, Esq.


Andrea Goldman, Esq. is the Senior Director of Human Resources at ICD and the Director of the Veterans For Employment Program.

AuthorBrigid Maher