Career Planning and Evaluation

Through ICD’s Career Planning & Evaluation Programs, students develop a strong understanding of where they are now, and where they want to be. ICD’s counselors help determine the right path to get there.

Woman sitting down at her desk smiling with a plant and computer monitor in the background.
Two students (male and female) are sitting down working on an assignment at their computers. The female student is focused looking at her computer screen, while the male student is leaning over to view  her work on the computer.
Woman on her wheelchair smiling and doing paperwork at her office.

Many times participants determine that their goal is to gain immediate employment utilizing the skills and experience they already have, and other times they determine that they need to enter a specific training or educational program to achieve their goals. Either way, our counselors are here to help them determine the path that is right for them.


This process launches participants on their road to vocational rehabilitation by assessing their strengths and interests and beginning to develop a personal career plan.


Participants gain insight into their vocational aptitudes, strengths, and challenges, such as manual and mechanical skills, and working with others.


Participants are assessed and gain insight into their competencies in verbal, reading, mathematics, and computer skills.


Participants learn about their marketable "soft skills," such as communication, attendance and punctuality, stress management, work pace and efficiency, interpersonal skills, and initiative and perseverance.


Participants clarify their vocational interests through interest inventories, computerized assessments, research, and hands-on situational assessments.

“If it weren’t for ICD, I don’t know where I’d be. I started as an intern, then became a part-time employee, and now I’m full-time with health benefits. I bought a car, and I can buy my kids and my wife the things that they need.” 

M.S., GreenWorks graduate

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