"I had the pleasure of participating in ICD’s Human Service Assistant program. I can’t say enough about the rewarding experience I had. It provided me a world of possibilities. The vocational education changed my life while meeting my professional, financial, and personal goals.
The best part of my participation was my HSA teacher, Ms. Lawson. She is efficient and responsive to her students’ needs, especially in guidance, leadership and expertise. The ICD staff is professional and well trained.
Thank you for all of your support. I hope to return with a victorious update!"
- C. E.

"My experience at ICD has been like no other. The Institute’s mission in my opinion is a very noble one; that of services provided by people who help people regardless of creed, religion, ethnicity, or gender. It is humbling to be reminded of the beautiful quality that it is sharing. Ultimately I feel that's what I learned among lots of other things at ICD."
- M. R.

"ICD has not only helped me find employment, but it has also helped me discover what I am really good at. The hard working and friendly staff here at ICD have really helped me build my confidence and taught me the importance of 'professionalism' in everyday life. I wouldn't haven't gotten this far in my career if it wasn't for the support and guidance that I received from everyone at ICD."
- K. K.