Scheduling and Outreach Coordinator

REPORTS TO:                   Director of Student Affairs

LOCATION:                        123 William Street 5th Floor, New York, NY 10038

POSITION TYPE:              Full-Time

WORK SCHEDULE:         Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm

SALARY:                              Commensurate with experience and qualifications

ORGANIZATION: The Institute for Career Development (ICD)is a fast-growing, dynamic not-for-profit workforce development organization based in New York City.  For 100 years, ICD has been a leader in the field of vocational rehabilitation, helping people with disabilities, challenges or barriers to employment transform their lives through career development and employment.  Every year, ICD services puts over 1,250 people on a path to career success. ICD’s 36+ member team of helps adults, youth, veterans, entry-level employees, and career changerswith disabilities gain economic independence through career planning, evaluation, career school training programs, internships, job placement servicesand services for employers.  Building on the organization’s program success in the five boroughs of New York City, ICD aims to increase its social impact through collaborations, advocacy, and innovation. 

SUMMARY OF POSITION: ICD is seeking a Scheduling and Outreach Coordinator to coordinate and manage ICD’s outreach, communication, and scheduling of student admission activities.  Under the supervision of the Director of Student Affairs and in coordination with the Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation and Vocational Rehabilitation teams of counselors and other administrative support staff, the Scheduling and Outreach Coordinator will work directly ICD’s various stakeholders, including students, family members, government agencies, and community-based organizations, to ensure that students successfully complete their admission process; as well as other various aspects of daily organizational operations. 


Primary Outreach and Communication Activities:

1.     Track ACCES-VR referrals, outreach attempts, and scheduling of the enrollment process of participants for all program services through use of database programs, Excel spreadsheets, and other similar systems.

2.     Follow-up with students regarding missed appointments and reschedule, as appropriate.

3.     Act as an initial point of contact for new participants to the program. Provide assistance and guidance to prospective program participants and other interested parties, including providing information through electronic and printed forms.  

4.     Maintain weekly and monthly reports of all referrals, referral outcomes, and enrollment numbers through use of a database, Excel spreadsheets, and other similar systems.

5.     Ensure appointment letters and emails are sent out in a timely fashion. 

6.     Ensure timely and consistent outreach calls and text message reminders to confirm attendance for initial appointments with ICD.

Coordination with Other ICD Staff:

1.     Plan and implement scheduling and outreach activities to raise awareness of and increase participation in our career exploration, training and job placement programs, including DVEs, BPSS Career Skills Training, and Work Readiness. 

2.     Coordinate with DVE counselors, BPSS Training Instructors, and Work Readiness Instructors to ensure completion of all necessary admission paperwork, and follow-ups are done in a timely manner to assist individuals in moving forward with receiving ICD services. 

3.     Collaborate with other ICD staff to ensure data entry and reporting are completed, to ensure that program compliance and success.

4.     Assist the ICD staff in monitoring inventories, and other fiscal tracking activities as needed.

5.     Maintain a positive work environment by cooperating in a professional manner with the ICD community.

Coordination with ACCES-VR and Other Partners:

6.     Act as a liaison between ICD and ACCES-VR and other referral partners to orient students to the admission process and other program requirements, e.g., start dates, enrollment opportunities, etc. – to ensure the scheduling of an adequate number of participants into the orientation; as well as the streamlining of the overall admission process.

7.     Working in conjunction with ICD staff, follow up with ACCES-VR counselors regarding student’s scheduled start dates for DVEs, BPSS Training, and Work Readiness programming; in constant communication with ACCES-VR counselors about information of students’ progress, attendance, and engagements. 

8.     Track all pending authorizations with ACCES-VR counselors, and follow-up accordingly to expedite enrollment of students into ICD’s programs; as well as actively resolve discrepancies with their records and other documentation.  Specifically, review ACCES-VR authorizations/referral packets to ensure all documentation and components are included in the packet prior to start of services.

9.     Assist potential ICD students with ACCES-VR paperwork.

Other Activities:

10.  Assist with the planning and coordinating of ICD’s graduation and other events.

11.  Assist in coordination of offsite and onsite recruitment events.

12.  Maintain a log of names and contact information for all individuals expressing interest in ICD programs and create a system to follow up regularly.

13.  Coordinate and maintain the planning calendar related to the above-referenced activities.

14.  Provide group and one-on-one orientation sessions onsite and/or at ACCES-VR offices regarding ACCES-VR enrollment and ICD services as needed.

15.  Maintain accurate and confidential records of all documents.

16.  Assist with all required reports.

17.  Other duties as required.


·     Excellent organizational and time management skills

·      Collaboration with other ICD team members in an effort to expedite enrollment of students      into ICD’s programs 

·      Ability to use independent judgment and initiative

·      Strong verbal and written communications skills

·      Strong computer skills including database management. Computer proficiency in Microsoft Suite applications.

·      Strong interpersonal skills for working with current and prospective referral sources

·      Ability to conduct group presentations

·      Ability to travel around NYC Metro area

·      Must be comfortable working with and presenting information to a diverse population of people with a wide range of disabilities.

·      Professional, motivational and teamwork oriented environment.


·      BA/BS required, and/or work experience in a related field.

·      Ability to meet deadlines established internally and by outside stakeholders.  

·      Ability to address large groups and possess solid communication, networking, time management and organizational skills. 

·      Applicant must have a demonstrated ability to exercise basic human relations skills in establishing and maintaining working relationships with ICD staff, students, and other external stakeholders. Strong computer, database and writing skills. 

·      Experience working with individuals with disabilities a plus. 

·      Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

·      Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.  Good sense of humor a plus.  


 Please email resume and cover letter to with a subject of Scheduling and Outreach Coordinator

The Institute for Career Development is an advocate for diversity in the workplace. All candidates will benefit from equality of opportunity and fair treatment without regard to: race; color; age; religion; pregnancy; sex; sexual orientation; disability; gender identity; gender expression; national origin; genetic information; Veteran status; marital status; or prior protected activity.

ICD complies with all applicable federal, state, and city employment laws


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The two job postings are for Open Positions to start a new and innovative program, called the IT Academy, which is a crucial part of the NYC: ATWORK Training Academy, powered by Cisco and sponsored by NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. These key positions will have the amazing opportunity to get “on the ground floor” in establishing an exciting new joint venture between a non-profit organization and government to create the first Training Academy in the country to serve people with disabilities! And based on the success of the program, these two new roles will provide consultation and leadership for future planned Academies sponsored by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities’ NYC: ATWORK and ICD – Institute for Career Development. As a result, these two new teaching positions will successfully complete the Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI) training and certification program to achieve proficiency in Cisco Academy curriculum and teaching methods. And obtain their teaching license from the New York State Education Department’s Adult Career & Continuing Education Services’ Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) to conduct training at ICD-Institute for Career Development.

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