Pet Care Instructor

Position: Career School Instructor for Pet Care Technician
Reports To: Director of Programs
Location: 123 William Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10038
Position Type: Full-time
Work Schedule:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm
Salary:   Dependent upon experience

The Institute for Career Development (ICD) is a fast-growing, dynamic not-for-profit workforce development organization based in New York City.  For 100 years, ICD has been a leader in the field of vocational rehabilitation, helping people with disabilities, challenges or barriers to employment transform their lives through career development and employment.  Every year, ICD services puts over 1,250 people on a path to career success. ICD’s 32+ member team of helps adults, youth, veterans, entry-level employees, and career changers with disabilities gain economic independence through career planning, evaluation, career school training programs, internships, job placement services and services for employers.  Building on the organization’s program success in the five boroughs of New York City, ICD aims to increase its social impact through collaborations, advocacy, and innovation.

Summary of Position:

ICD offers the only Licensed Pet Care Technician Program in New York City. This vocational program offers Individuals an opportunity to be trained in various areas within animal care, and prepares them for Entry Level employment in Animal Shelters, Dog Daycare facilities, Veterinary Clinics and in other animal care fields.  We currently have an opening for one Full time Pet Care Instructor to teach various topics related to animal care and resources, and to enhance the curriculum by developing individualized work assignments to align with student interest.


•Instruct students on an individual and group basis in specific subjects, skills or trades. (All lessons are approved by NYSED-BPSS) Assign classwork, demonstrate procedures and monitor and record progress.
•Through explanation, demonstration, modeling and practice, acquaint students with work activities, proper work methods, and quality of work required for competitive employment.
•Adhere to lesson plans and other information and/or materials for instruction including use of Smart Board technology (training on SMART Board use provided).
•Maintain proper inventory of training equipment and supplies; request replacements as needed. (Monthly Inventory required)
•Responsible for accurate recording of student attendance, absentee forms and creating monthly student progress reports. Assess each student individually using a “Skills Development Checklist” for each subject.
•Provide students with course content material such as literature, handouts, etc. (all literature is filed and would need to be printed)
•Develop and write lesson plans for various course content to meet the needs of all learners
•Other duties as assigned.

Work Demands & Environment:

•Excellent organizational and time management skills.
•Collaboration with other ICD team members in an effort to assist participants with obtaining and maintaining employment
•Ability to use independent judgment and initiative
•Professional, motivational and teamwork oriented environment
•Ability to teach adult students from a wide range of backgrounds
•Able to create and adapt lesson plans
•Ability to use independent judgment and show initiative that would benefit the program
•Excellent verbal and written communications skills, with strong attention to detail.
•Active listener with ability to build rapport with diverse learners.
•Demonstrated ability to facilitate blended learning training models (i.e., classroom facilitation, web-based instruction; student self-directed learning, etc).
•Good record-keeping skills to accurately track attendance, program participation, and other data.
•Local travel to internship sites and schools will be necessary as needed.


•High School Diploma (Associated degree preferred)
•New York State Education Department Private School Teacher License or Eligible
•Extensive experience in professional animal care, knowledge of several species (dogs, cats, reptiles and small mammals), their care, husbandry and job prospects in each area. Prior Veterinary experience and managerial experience a plus.
•Interest and knowledge in animal welfare, nature and the environment to inspire social change
•Experience in Teaching and/or Management, working with Special Needs populations

Knowledge in at least 5 of the following subjects:

•Animal Handling and Behavior
•Safety and Security of the Pets in Your Care
•Detection of Abnormalities
•Care of Other Animals

Certificates, Licenses: N/A

Please send resume, cover letter highlighting experience, salary expectations, availability, a writing sample AND a lesson plan to

The lesson plan is entitled: Pet Care- What Does it Mean?

Describe how you would explain the following to a class of 15 over the course of 2 days (7 hours total)
1) Understanding your role as an Animal Caretaker
2) Monitoring and Observation of animal in your care
3) Record Keeping
4) Common animals kept as Pets and their Husbandry and Care
5) Breeds Requiring Special Care
6) Stages of life for Dogs and Cats, including animals with Special Needs (such as deafness or blindness)

The Institute for Career Development is an advocate for diversity in the workplace. All candidates will benefit from equality of opportunity and fair treatment without regard to: race; color; age; religion; pregnancy; sex; sexual orientation; disability; gender identity; gender expression; national origin; genetic information; Veteran status; marital status; or prior protected activity.

ICD complies with all applicable federal, state, and city employment laws

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