Brent Gallenberger, Summer Youth Internship Program Instructor

The Institute for Career Development (ICD) is gearing up for its twelve-week-long Summer Youth Internship Program for young people who face barriers to employment. This program is the first-of-its-kind to be offered at ICD, and is an important tool in connecting our participants to the financial, social, and emotional benefits of employment.

By using a variety of adaptive learning techniques, I, along with other ICD instructors, engage high school students and recent high school graduates in a 360-degree work readiness experience. From goal-setting to career exploration, resume writing to professionalism in the workplace, and financial income management to self-advocacy, students come out of this program equipped with the tools they need to pursue their vocational and occupational endeavors.


Upon completion of the summer program, we place students in paid internships, matching students with internships in companies and organizations that align with their professional interests and abilities. These internships provide our students with real-world workplace experiences and offer them opportunities to expand their network in the business environments we have prepared them to participate in. Our partners, including Voya Financial Inc. and BRC, recognize the importance of having diverse representation in the workplace and are committed to tapping into all pools of talent.

“We’re very excited to be offering the Youth Internship Program for the first time this summer,” said Susan Scheer, CEO of ICD. “In partnership with our outstanding employers who are paving the way for diversity and inclusion, ICD is committed to identifying new ways of serving communities who face barriers to employment and seek opportunities in vocational education and professional development.” The program’s first class of the summer is starting the internship portion of their program experience, with this summer’s second cohort completing the work readiness portion of the program this week.

If you are someone or know someone who is a high-school student that faces barriers to employment, particularly individuals with a disability, and are interested in learning more about our Summer Youth Internship Program, please call ICD at 212-585-6033 or visit our website at


AuthorBrigid Maher