ICD was founded to help wounded veterans of WWI reintegrate into their communities and return to work. Serving the needs of our nation's veterans has remained a consistent part of our history and mission.

ICD offers a unique job-support program, Veterans for Employment – VFE. The VFE program is personalized and collaborative. ICD Job Developers work with veterans to identify transferable skills and to develop a job search plan that incorporates the individual’s abilities, desires, and experiences. 

The ICD methodology makes veterans an integral part of the process, helping them define themselves and their abilities so they can present with confidence during the interview process.

We teach our clients how to:

  • Prepare for formal and informal networking opportunities 
  • Translate military resumes into industry-standard resumes
  • Create or enhance LinkedIn profiles
  • Use search boards and social media
  • Develop strategies for interviewing and other interpersonal interactions
  • Arrange for internships
  • Develop job interview opportunities

For information about career support for veterans, call us at 212-585-6115

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