Work Readiness Program

ICD prepares individuals to succeed in the workplace. With special emphasis on youth transitioning from school to the community, we provide practical soft skills instruction, explore a wide range of career options, and build self confidence.

Male student in glasses sitting down and smiling.

Male student in glasses sitting down and smiling.

Smiling woman in glasses and red lipstick posing for the camera. Two individuals are speaking to each other in the background. Their images are blurred.
Male student writing on the board and smiling at the camera.

This program prepares participants for long-term job success, and includes skills training in targeted career tracks such as:

  • Custodial

  • Food Prep

  • Office Supports

  • Retail/Customer Service

Additionally, ICD offers an After-School Work Readiness program to students who are still attending high school. With proper authorization, this service can be provided on site at select schools.

This training is well-aligned to help students earn their work based learning experiences needed for the new C-DOS Commencement Credential. Such services may be funded through ACCES-VR as well as private partnerships with community-based organizations, school districts or the Department of Education. 

For more information, please contact ICD Executive Director,
Daria Benson at: