Welcome to the Youth Internship Program

ICD's Youth Internship Program supports students between the ages of 17-24 that struggle to find work.  This program is for students who lack access to the tools, services, and community support that would position them for success.

Internship Program Breakdown:

Two weeks of Work Readiness training
Eight- to ten-week paid internships
Access to part- and full-time job placement

Find the class schedule here.

Interns Receive:

  • Job Training - Young adults will complete a work readiness program that will prepare them with the qualifications to work for your company.
  • Paid Work Experience - The 8-10 weeks that young adults will be interning at your company will be paid through ICD’s Youth Internship Program.
  • Professional Support - ICD will have passionate, trained and dedicated staff working to support youth interns.

Businesses Receive:

  • Increased Visibility - We will include you among publicly-acknowledged business partners as a disability-friendly business.
  • Cultural Competency Training - We will provide access to training on how to create a safe and inclusive workplace for young adults with disabilities.
  • Valuable Tax Incentives  - To find more information, click here and here.  To apply, use this formIf you need more information, please contact the New York State Department of Labor at youthjobs@labor.ny.gov or by phone at 877-226-5724.

ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER that is interested in working with youth interns? 
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Funding for the ICD-Institute for Career Development’s Youth Internship Program is provided by ACCES-VR

ICD is a not-for-profit workforce development organization based in New York City.  ICD has been helping people transform their lives through career development and employment for 100 years. 

We have been a leader in the field of vocational rehabilitation since our founding in 1917.  We specialize in serving New Yorkers with barriers to employment gain economic independence through vocational evaluation, career planning, job skills training programs, internships, and job placement services. ICD also specializes in serving transitioning high school students, disconnected youth, entry level workers, career changers and Veterans.

We guide our participants through the process of assessing their career interests, developing an individualized career plan, finding a job training program that is right for them, preparing for, entering, and keeping good jobs.  Our dedicated team of teachers and counselors provide support every step of the way, including one-on-one and group counseling, job placement assistance, and job retention supports. All of ICD's job training programs are licensed by the New York State Education Department.

Have questions?  Contact Dio Gica, Executive Director, at DGica@icdnyc.org or call (212) 585-6009.